Brandon Hart

Brandon Hart, a born storyteller, channels his natural talent into a musical journey that’s a therapeutic diary of his soul. As an advocate for mental health, he crafts raw, soul-searching lyrics about love, loss, addiction, and resilience,
delivering them through vibrant alt-rock and pop anthems. Drawing inspiration from the ’90s era that shaped him, Brandon’s music can be best described as
“teenage angst meets adult life.”

Brandon’s success is undeniable, having played a pivotal role in the collaborative album “As Far As The Stars” with Tom Macdonald and Nova Rockafeller. This remarkable project stormed onto 18 different Billboard charts, securing two #1
spots, a #3, and a #4.Brandon Hart’s latest single, “Space Trash,” achieved an impressive milestone by amassing over one million views within its first month of release. This achievement underscores the undeniable appeal and resonance of his music with a dedicated audience.

In addition to this milestone, Brandon is pleased to announce the release of his latest album, “Life on Earth.” This new collection showcases his ongoing commitment to producing meaningful and engaging music, further solidifying his
position as a notable artist in the industry.

Brandon Hart’s influence extends beyond the studio, as he’s taken his captivating performances on the road, extensively touring North America. His magnetic presence and talent have cultivated a growing online fan base, with an impressive 250’000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Join him on a musical journey that’s as powerful as it is personal.