Set sail with us on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas as the Shiner Family embarks on its first Moonshine Bandits voyage on February 12 -16, 2024 from Los Angeles to Ensenada, Mexico. Our Red, White & Booze Cruise is set to get the party started with Immersive upgraded experiences, exclusive performances by the Moonshine Bandits, Artist Activities, Non-Stop Music & so much MORE!


A 4 night round trip cruise from Port of Los Angeles to Ensenada, Mexico

Two Moonshine Bandits concert performances

Unique experiences with the Moonshine Bandits

All meals with options for gourmet dining rooms and full buffets

Basic Beverages. Stay hydrated with filtered water stations, tropical juices, teas, and coffee

Water slides, multiple bars & lounges, rock climbing wall, ice skating, day-time whirlpools, casinos, live performers, comedy shows, themed parties and much more

Health and fitness center with hot tubs, pool decks & spa amenity add-ons

To ensure access to the exclusive Moonshine Bandits concerts book
your cruise through Southern Sailings using the above link.

Please remember to follow up with your cruise specialist, Janice Brockmeyer to complete your booking. She can be reached at janice@southernsailings.com or (706) 248-1266

What to Expect

It’s time to ditch the same thing, different daze for a bold new getaway. Join the Moonshine Bandits on the Red, White, and Booze Cruise, offering a unique experience for music enthusiasts by combining the elements of a traditional cruise with live music performances, themed parties, and unique interactions with the band.

Your vacation plans are getting the ultimate upgrade —on the Amplified fleet favorite Navigator of the Seas. Soak up the sun, and the scene, at the resort-style pool deck, and get in an island state of mind at the three-level The Lime and Coconut. Swap going out for going all out with tiki-chic cocktails at The Bamboo Room, dining options that satisfy every craving, and the hottest tables this side of Vegas at Casino Royale. This is your short vacay, turned all the way up.

Where We’re Going

As you prepare for your trip to Ensenada, Mexico, you may wonder what awaits you in addition to the golden, palm fringed shores of Estero and Mona Lisa beaches. Ensenada offers a bevy of activities and experiences, whether you hike to the towering waterfall of El Salto canyon, or take to the sea on a whale watching boat. Ensenada is also one of the premier culinary hubs of Baja California, whether you crave tacos made with fresh-caught local fish, or pan-Mexican favorites such as torta sandwiches.

Shiner Community

Join the official Moonshine Bandits Red, White, and Booze Cruise Facebook page :ship::notes: Get ready to set sail with fellow fans and cruisers who share a passion for good times on the open waters. This is the ultimate hub for connecting with like-minded enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the upcoming cruise. Discuss the latest cruise updates, share your excitement for the Moonshine Bandits, and exchange tips for making the most of your cruise experience. Join us and become part of an energetic community where the love for music, adventure, and camaraderie come together. Let’s raise our glasses and get ready for a WILD voyage!& :ocean::tumbler_glass::tada: #RedWhiteBoozeCruise


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